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Before I get to my impressions, I’d like you to imagine something. Visualize a lush expanse of rolling green plains as far as the eye can see in every direction. You’re on a tour bus driving along the solitary road going through these rural grasslands, touring the area with the help of your slightly attractive tour guide. You notice that said tour guide looks a bit young, but you swiftly put those thoughts out of your head as you see a doe and her fawn gallop alongside the tour bus for a brief few seconds. It’s not an altogether interesting tour, but you nonetheless make an effort to put your uncle’s last minute Christmas present to good use and prove wrong your grandmother’s notions regarding his worth.

The tour guide says something about how deer are indigenous to this area, but you nod only to show that you were kind of listening to what she was saying. She notices this halfhearted reaction, and then proceeds to strip everything off but her underwear, throw the clothes in your face, then leap off the bus only to be hit by a 16-wheeler that’s been following for the past three miles. Is that image burned in your brain? Good, because the first episode of Rinne no Lagrange is vaguely like that, except with more robots.



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