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It seems that many bloggers have had plenty to say about Katawa Shoujo, pretty much all surprisingly positive. What I haven’t expected from such a title though is an equal outpour of personal stories to go along with this strange visual novel. From startling confessions of people who witnessed the development to heartfelt anecdotes comparing the girls of Yamaku to those that have been crushes or romances in the past, the blogosphere has churned out a shocking number (More than zero) of personal posts related to this oddly enchanting little game. And, with me being the trend-whore that I am, I figured I’d hop onboard the bandwagon and put my own twist on it. (more…)


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As anybody who’s spoken to me for any period of time can tell you, when I feel comfortable with conversation I can veer wildly off topic, exhausting every single possible conversation tangent regardless of its actual relevance and regardless of whether somebody’s actually listening or not. It takes some effort to get me going, but once I do it’s difficult for me to stop. I lack any sort of social grace or middle ground; either I’m completely on or I’m completely off.

As those familiar with Shaft’s work and my penchant for uncomfortable introductions may have surmised, this is my awkward way of saying that Nisemonogatari shares that similarity with me. However, instead of being endlessly annoying about it, Nisemono manages to go off topic while staying a fascinating piece of work that endless amounts of blood, sweat, and tears have clearly gone into in order to reproduce that quintessential Shaft-like experience. (more…)

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