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Part of Mirai Nikki’s appeal is its continued molding of seemingly innocuous actions perpetrated by seemingly upstanding people into a depraved, quivering mass of bloody violence bordering on the uncomfortable and fetishistic. It constantly shapes our perception to fit its own demented universe, where the surface always belies the real personality underneath, and absolutely nothing is as it seems at first glance.

Even if the events are so laughably over the top and grotesque that they can’t possibly elicit anything but a barely-stifled laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of the situations presented (Robotic hounds, I’m looking at you), the series does well at changing our expectations to fit what it gives us. The biggest strength of this is the ability to suspend disbelief on its own terms, changing the audience’s thought process from a slightly jaded “Pfft, that could never happen,” to “That actually doesn’t seem too implausible given what we’ve seen so far.” It succeeds a good portion of the time at making me think that most of what goes on could reasonably happen in this universe, as far as both the events and the general level of stupidity are concerned. And even when I’m not convinced, (Like at one point in this episode, but I’ll get to that later) it’s still a damn good time that’s hard to replicate elsewhere. (more…)


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