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Holy shit, Nisemonogatari actually had a plot with an actual conflict, not just orally dancing around the issue of sex? Apparently it does, according to the ominous red glow that silhouettes the gnarled trees outside Kanbaru’s estate and Senjougahara’s own expository confession! Oh, and the plot synopsis was probably a dead giveaway, the catalyst of this plot being none other than Deishu Kaiki, the swindler who’s finally made his appearance after two episodes of nothing but Shaft-style conversation. Before anybody adjusts their hopes accordingly though, I assure you that, much like in the past few episodes, there are only a few minutes of actual plot; the rest is the overindulgent dialoguing that we’ve grown to know and love, mostly battling wits between Koyomi and Senjougahara as is par for the course. (more…)


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