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The best news Yuno's heard all day.

It’s rather difficult to write a post on this show right now, if only because I can’t be terribly critical toward it, and I can’t write much when I’m not being terribly critical. But there was something that Mirai Nikki had been lacking over the past several episodes that I just couldn’t for the life of me place my finger on. Yes, it was still gleefully violent overkill encrusted with profuse amounts of flaking dried blood, and yes it was still undeniably and unabashedly camp, but something was noticeably lacking that had been so damn pervasive for the first several arcs of the show’s run.

Not that it was bad, of course. After all, it did develop Yuuki and Yuno’s horribly acidic relationship and give their crew of friends a chance to not be boring horror movie fodder. A failed chance, mind you, but a chance nonetheless. (more…)


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