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Yeah, that video was about as close to a celebration jam as I could think of. Anyway, as of this post, Shinde Iie Anime Blog & Review will officially be over the 200 post mark. It seems like only yesterday I finished writing my very first episodic, and it was actually only yesterday that I wrote the 199th post. So instead of making this something dedicated to Ano Natsu like I planned on doing, I decided to delay that terrible idea in favor of a much worse one to celebrate being much more prolific than I ever expected to be.

This is the first third of a memoir of this past summer, completely fictionalized, that describes striking detail a story that involves Madoka Magica and Skittles. Aside from a few well-placed swears that I added in and the little note at the end, it’s virtually unchanged from when I first wrote it on Wednesday out of boredom. To anybody who wants to turn back now, there will be no hurt feelings; I certainly felt a lot of shame writing this. And considering my writing history, that’s saying a lot. However, for those willing to press on, I hope you enjoy enough to comment… or at least not turn away in revulsion.  (more…)


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