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This week marked possibly the greatest moment of the winter season. Fans worldwide most likely danced in the streets in jubilation, starting fires every which way with reckless and gleeful that still have glowing embers as I write this. That’s right, today marks a joyous occasion, in which both Black Rock Shooter and Guilty Crown have come to screeching and catastrophic ends.

Okay, so maybe celebrating the end of both shows wasn’t a good enough cause for wanton property damage, but it’s finally a sign that we can put both of these horrible shows behind us, letting them fester in the squalid realm of forgetfulness, something that I’ve been eager to do for quite awhile. But alas, there’s a reason that I dredge up painful memories of watching these animated abominations, and it’s not just that I want to reflect on how beautifully animated they both were. No, I want to answer the argument that’s been posed by nobody in particular: Which has the worst finale of the two? Well wonder no more, as I shall dig through the shit that encrusts both final episodes to determine this answer that has plagued my morbidly curious self. Here we go! (more…)

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