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Not even a week ago, The Cart Driver played host to a long-winded and indirect marriage proposal toward the greatest anime of the season, and I daresay our time: Girls und Panzer. Not even two episodes passed before I was enraptured by its Captain Planet-esque take on including every single tank design and color under the loving treads and well-timed explosions of the gunmetal-grey rainbow. I was hesitant to make my proposal official, because it was just as likely as not that the show that I’d come to fall in love with would catch bubonic plague and spit a mouthful of bloody teeth in my direction before collapsing in a heap of agonizing, twitching death. But then a plane airdropped a tank with a single passenger directly into somebody’s car, and all doubts as to whether Girls und Panzer would make it past the crucial three episode trial period were assuaged.

Surprisingly enough, especially to me, there’s more to Girls und Panzer than a few audaciously stupid bits held together with bits of old twine and prayer. At the risk of ending up on the receiving end of raucous laughter, this series delivers a more compelling environment than nearly anything else this season, specifically because there are quite a few background details that intrigue me. (more…)


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After the slightly infuriating cliffhanger of last week’s episode, it seems only fit that Sankarea would decide to promptly follow up on Chihiro’s kidnapping and Rea’s pursuit of him, in order to remind us why Rea’s father is leading in the running for Most Despicable Person in the Universe and further characterize Rea’s hostile defiance of her father’s possessive nature. Along the way several psychological issues will be broached but not delved into too deeply, both on the part of Rea and her father, and by far the most interesting relationship dynamic in the entire show will be brought to light again after Chihiro continues to assert himself as a competent male lead. Or I guess taking a break to characterize his enigmatic sister Mero is fine too, because why not draw things out? (more…)

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