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I remember how I was back in July, my rosy-cheeked, shiny-eyed self untainted by the overwhelming sludge of mediocrity that was the summer season. It was a time when Hyouka was more contemptible and exploitative than Violence Jack, and Jinrui was sitting high on the pantheon of greatest things in all history ever; admittedly, beginning the season in a drunken haze probably didn’t help to ease this strange disconnect.

But then Yuru Yuri Two Eighth-Notes and Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse aired, and I gained some perspective on things. No longer was I a rosy-eyed, shiny-cheeked youth, but a grizzled blogger who had seen it all, man. It was at that point when all hope seemed lost that something weird happened: Hyouka somehow got better, and Jinrui slowly descended in quality from godlike to merely pretty good. What made this strange is these two results were caused by the same change in focus: from plot to character development. (more…)


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Jormungand did what we all thought was impossible: inserting a beach episode in a show not revolving primarily around high school students. Oh, also there’s a conflict with Balkan highwaymen with significant pull in the government over a delivery of humanitarian aid, and Koko’s grey morality definitely shines through the whole debacle, but fuck that noise, it’s half of a beach episode! Though I admit, it’s difficult to imagine Koko not bursting into flames when exposing most of her body to the sun like she does here. Anyway, it’s a fairly pedestrian episode, aside from how it hints at the potential insecurities lurking behind Koko’s nearly perpetual smirk. (more…)

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