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AKB0048 is a special kind of stupid, not helped at all by the stupefyingly gaudy finale and writing on par with the material churned out by the half-literate transients that Capcom hires to write the stories for their games. I was tempted to resign myself to a post similar to Scamp’s 20 Reasons to Watch Aquarion EVOL, because any show where a girl can shoot missiles out of her arm while her friends use microphones as lightsabers deserves at least a nod before being rightfully catapulted into the oblivion of collective public amnesia.

But something happened that shouldn’t have, given that this was about as gimmicky a show as can be, something that shocked the world to the core, setting off several minor earthquakes worldwide—a sequel was announced at the tail-end of the episode. The “official” reason? Apparently the show was popular, or the people who decided to fund it were high on more oxycodone than was originally thought. But perhaps it’s not as simple as all that. (more…)


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