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I remember how I was back in July, my rosy-cheeked, shiny-eyed self untainted by the overwhelming sludge of mediocrity that was the summer season. It was a time when Hyouka was more contemptible and exploitative than Violence Jack, and Jinrui was sitting high on the pantheon of greatest things in all history ever; admittedly, beginning the season in a drunken haze probably didn’t help to ease this strange disconnect.

But then Yuru Yuri Two Eighth-Notes and Muv-Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse aired, and I gained some perspective on things. No longer was I a rosy-eyed, shiny-cheeked youth, but a grizzled blogger who had seen it all, man. It was at that point when all hope seemed lost that something weird happened: Hyouka somehow got better, and Jinrui slowly descended in quality from godlike to merely pretty good. What made this strange is these two results were caused by the same change in focus: from plot to character development. (more…)


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Even though people have a tendency to lump anything hyped with trash, sometimes a show impresses and never ceases to exceed expectations to the point that every bit of the hype is warranted. Haruhi is probably the most notable example, and KyoAni has been chasing that proverbial dragon ever since with widely varied results. They caught onto something interesting with Nichijou for awhile, and all was good until the dismal sales figures rolled in. To put in perspective how close to that dragon Hyouka is, if Nichijou was within arm’s reach of its tail, then Hyouka is 7,000 miles in the other direction with two broken legs and an inability to register movement as anything but panicked flailing. And KyoAni knows that no matter what, tasteless pap like it will still sell. (more…)

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The opening episode of Hyouka strikes me as the beginning of a bold experiment in the art of audience pandering, the degree of which hasn’t been seen since Haruhi graced the small screen. It’s difficult for me to pin down what question it wants to answer, but I’m going to take a stab in the dark and go with this: If Hyouka takes characters from several of KyoAni’s previous works, strips them of all meaningful identity beyond their most recognizable personality traits and implants them in a generic mystery anime, how much will it sell? Judging from the ridiculously positive reaction, likely anywhere between “a shitload” and “a metric shitload”. (more…)

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