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Not even a week ago, The Cart Driver played host to a long-winded and indirect marriage proposal toward the greatest anime of the season, and I daresay our time: Girls und Panzer. Not even two episodes passed before I was enraptured by its Captain Planet-esque take on including every single tank design and color under the loving treads and well-timed explosions of the gunmetal-grey rainbow. I was hesitant to make my proposal official, because it was just as likely as not that the show that I’d come to fall in love with would catch bubonic plague and spit a mouthful of bloody teeth in my direction before collapsing in a heap of agonizing, twitching death. But then a plane airdropped a tank with a single passenger directly into somebody’s car, and all doubts as to whether Girls und Panzer would make it past the crucial three episode trial period were assuaged.

Surprisingly enough, especially to me, there’s more to Girls und Panzer than a few audaciously stupid bits held together with bits of old twine and prayer. At the risk of ending up on the receiving end of raucous laughter, this series delivers a more compelling environment than nearly anything else this season, specifically because there are quite a few background details that intrigue me. (more…)


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For a series about arms dealers weaving a worldwide trail of destruction in their search for more customers, Jormungand avoids pulse-pounding violence and reckless gunfire with almost admirable dedication to uphold the standards of the anticlimax. I was almost ready to chalk it up as another episode that failed to hit the mark, throw in a few Black Lagoon comparisons and proceed to point and laugh at its perceived inferiority complex, but unfortunately I’m too well adjusted to ridicule the series for failing to deliver enough spilled blood to flood a small city. (more…)

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When writing about Nisemonogatari, this week’s episode in particular, the train of thought is likely to lead to one of two topics: Incest, or the lack of trust that Koyomi has for Karen after the last stunt that manifests in ways that intentionally make the viewer uncomfortable. Saying that the two don’t meet is going a bit far, considering that the show makes sure that they go hand in hand like peanut butter, and sardines that taste surprisingly good with peanut butter.  (more…)

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Yeah, it's kind of like this.

Opinions regarding the finale of Mawaru Penguindrum have been divided right down the middle between those that say it was an incomprehensible mess that proves that Ikuhara hates puppies, freedom, and apple pie more than Hans Gruber, and those that say it was a bizarre, yet fitting end to a fascinating story… even if they don’t know what the hell happened. That and Ikuhara is a god amongst mortal men. Hyperbole aside, I find myself in the latter camp, though no side is really right or wrong. (more…)

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Craaaawling iiiiin my skiiiiiin

Well, what is  there to really say about this week’s episode of Mawaru Penguindrum? A whole lot, as it turns out, considering that plot twist after plot twist has been devised for one crucial moment. Everything that’s come before is a simple prelude to the insane number of convergences that occur here, kind of like the film Crash, except without all the preaching about tolerance and tearing down socially imposed racial boundaries. In other words, it’s a million times better despite how tangled and difficult to ascertain the direction of each of this plot threads is.

Since the amount of symbolism that I can write about has dwindled in recent episodes, pretty much the only way to continue a post is to review each of the plot points and postulate where they might go. As such, if you haven’t seen this episode yet, avoid this post like the plague because this is a doozy. And you will hate me for spoiling it for you. (more…)

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Mawaru Penguindrum is a strong contender for one of my favorite shows of the year. Its quirky visual sense, coupled with a continuous series of twists and turns, makes it the one of the best watches of each passing week, and I’m left wanting more with each episode. However, it’s far from perfect, and I daresay that it’s beginning to take a turn for soap opera logic, which really isn’t a good decision for any show. With each passing week, a more drastic, somehow inexplicable twist rears its head. While the results haven’t been bad, it’s still difficult to imagine how well it’ll manage if it keeps going like this. (more…)

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Never Forget

As I think I’ve prefaced every single one of my posts with, or at least mentioned somewhere in the vast walls of text that comprise them, Mawaru Penguindrum is both beautiful and frustrating in how it weaves its narrative. It’s quite proficient in painting a picture of utter insanity, while not revealing one card at a time from its closely guarded, mysterious hand. There are two secrets to this success that keep almost every episode somewhat self contained, while not giving any clue of what will happen in the future.

Since you can guess that I’m going to explain some of this to prove my point, assume that there are spoilers abound in this post. If you’d rather not know what happens in this episode, and it is rather eventful, stop reading now.  (more…)

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