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At Shinde Iie, I put the utmost effort into providing strikingly original, thought provoking content that you’re sure not to find elsewhere. That’s why I’m going to clasp my hands over my ears, close my eyes, and sing a repetitious song to myself while I pretend that nobody else has written about fanservice in Nisemonogatari, especially in this week’s episode. So yeah, nobody else has written about the fanservice from this week’s episode of Nisemonogatari, so I feel obligated to fill that completely present void in the aniblogosphere.

Fanservice and ecchi as concepts, much like horror and comedy, are hard to grasp and vary in effectiveness from person to person. What gets one gent’s rocks off will inevitably repulse at least one other. And that’s why I’m going to throw up a disclaimer here that no matter how much I say that Nisemonogatari has some of the most optimally implemented fanservice out there, I fully acknowledge that it will put as many people off as it will resonate with. I’ll also say here and now that I’m going to delve a bit into what I fancy and how many boxes on my theoretical checklist Nisemono checks off, so if that kind of talk makes you squeamish for whatever reason, it’s safe to back out now. I’ll just tell myself that contextualizing it doesn’t make me a bigger pervert than I really am.



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